• 1. Solo guitar

    "six strings to talk about Spain: two centuries of Spanish music for guitar"

    Works by Sor, Tàrrega, Mompou, Granados

  • 2. Duo flute and guitar

    (Mauro Scappini, flute - Eros Roselli, guitar)

    "notes of a travel in the XXth century"

    Works by Hugues, Ibert, Burkhard, Castelnuovo Tedesco, Margola, Piazzolla

  • 3. Trio del Garda (flute, clarinet and guitar)

    (Mauro Scappini, flute - Bruno Righetti, clarinet - Eros Roselli, guitar)

    "fantasies and reassessments of the Opera and of some soundtracks"

    Works by Kreutzer, Hugues/Ponchielli, Verdi, Rota, Morricone, Piazzolla

  • 4. Keràn Quartet (flute, guitar, cello and percussions)

    (Mauro Scappini, flute - Eros Roselli, guitar - Nazzareno Balduin, cello - Luca bellan, percussions)

    "border line: jazz, rock and world music influences in the contemporary repertoire"

    Works by Roselli, Scappini, Cordero, Piazzolla

  • 5. Soprano and Guitar trio

    (Gabriella Munari, soprano - Marco Nicolè, Maurizio Pagliarini, Eros Roselli, guitars)

    "the Spanish musical tradition in the work of Federico Garcìa Lorca and Manuel De Falla"

    Ancient popular Spanish songs harmonized by Garcìa Lorca and pieces by De Falla for three guitars

  • 6. Guitar and string quartet

    (Eros Roselli, guitar - Quartetto Maffei, strings

    "the calm before the storm: the Classicism in the instrumental music between reason and passion"

    Works by Vivaldi, Haydn, Boccherini