• CD "Carulli: Quartets for guitar and strings"

    Amadeus: Eros Roselli proves himself to be a refined and intelligent chamber musician, as well as a thoroughbred soloist and virtuoso: chapeau!

    Il Fronimo:Eros Roselli shows off a thoroughbred solo performance, flaunting a virtuosity as brilliant as it is expressive [...] he also tries his hand as a composer, writing the cadences [...] with notable imagination, academic competence and perfect adherence to the style of the pieces

  • CD "Giuliani: Chamber works with guitar"

    Musikblatt:the string musicians [...] are simply excellent. And the guitarist [...] is on a level with them
    Classical Guitar: a thoroughbred [...] the word could also apply to Eros Roselli [...] this is distinguished playing of a very high order
    Gendai Guitar: Roselli [...] plays Giuliani's harmonies with elegance [...] the impression we receive is of a mature interpretation
    Fanfare: the performances are fine and elegant, and the sound is absolutely balanced and agreeably warm. A very pleasant CD
    Seicorde: the great agreement of the musicians can wisely balance the parts, in an aware and pervading interpretation

  • CD "Fernando Sor: studies for guitar"

    American Record Guide:superb Italian guitarist Eros Roselli [...] is a first-rate musician and he offers probing interpretations of even the most unassuming miniatures, employing his supple sense of phrasing, pristine articulation, and full tone to remarkably satisfying effect. [...] Roselli amply proves that these works are better pieces of music than I had remembered. I can even imagine a non-guitarist deriving considerable pleasure from listening to this record
    Il Fronimo: the phrasing is elegant, essential, never abounding and always adherent to the style of music […] among the recordings we have examined, it's the most correct and convincing interpretation.

  • Live concerts

    La Nuova Ferrara: the sound produced by Roselli opposed [...] a play of delicacies with shaded colours [...] in agreement with that particular sweet expression that the guitarist has always offered during the concert
    Bresciaoggi: [The Keràn Quartet] is a group composed by four outstanding musicians [...] The program of the concert, entitled "Border line", has emphasized the gifts of this fine quartet
    L'Arena di Verona: the perfection in the performance by the players, always without mistakes and with convincing sensibility
    Il Resto del Carlino: Boccherini, with two beautiful quintets for strings and guitar, has changed several masks, also thanks to the refinement and the stylistic penetration of the performers, all excellent and joined under the name "Arilicansemble" [...] they have pointed on the instrumental dialogue, on a continuous game of the parts and on bright colours, able to be thickened and animated with a lot of nuances. A very large audience in the end overcome by the enthusiasm.
    Il Giornale di Vicenza: Roselli has showed to prefer very difficult styles of writing, revealing remarkable technical ability and a personal taste in interpretation